Fabian Basabe Gets His Seat Stolen at the Malo Show

Seriously, I am amazed by my immunity to hangovers. Time goes by but I’ve still got it, baby! Yeah! So I woke up and was fairly fresh-faced for the 11 a.m. Malo show yesterday. I got there, and was greeted and was given a seat and made my way to it and… oh! Godfrey stole my font row center seat! Godfrey is a great man and a friend but nevertheless… my seat was pretty cool and I wanted it back. So I gently told him that that place was assigned to me and I kinda stared at him waiting for his response, but you know… it gets awkward! Without missing a beat, he looks at me right back and says that he had a bum leg and needed to sit there. I mean, now not only do I have to take my seat back from a friend, but also from a handicapped person, and I know you think I am an asshole, but I do have a heart! I did not know how to respond. He did not even apologize, just stared at me, and on top of it, I saw him dancing like a mad man the night before so… Maybe he got injured twirling on the pavement outside of a posh club? The dangers of social life! I just gave him my seat, because I realized he really, really wanted it, and I ran to the PR people for help. I told them the seat story and they looked just as puzzled as I did, but still managed to give me another front row seat.

So I managed to sit down and got ready to enjoy the show… when i saw her: Kelly! Kelly Bensimon, that is, sitting straight across from me, on the other side of the massive oval catwalk. This is how it all went down: We make eye contact. I smile. She smiles and waves. I wave back and she keeps waving, very excitedly. Then she stands up and starts walking toward me… so I stand up and meet her in the middle of the catwalk where we hug and the photographers go crazy and people are staring! After chatting for a bit, we realized nobody was looking at us anymore, so we hugged goodbye and went back to our seats and got ready for the show.

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