Fabian Basabe Is “Completely Out of Party Shape After a Few Months in Healthy and Sunny L.A.”

OK, I have a retraction to make: Do you remember the blog I wrote about the Halston party at Don Hill’s? When I wrote that neither the designer nor investors showed up, the place was rocking and we had so much fun? Well, it turns out that I was a victim of my own impatience and I left too soon, as designer AND investors AND celebrities such as Helena Christensen, Christian Slater, Damon Dash, Veronica Webb, Padma Lakshmi, Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein, and of course Tamara Mellon were all in attendance. Do you know what that means? It means two things: that the place rocked even more than I thought it did, and that I am completely out of party shape after few months in healthy and sunny L.A. Hey, don’t be too hard on me, in L.A. everything shuts down at 2 a.m., which is when people just start putting their party shoes on in NYC! And although I tried very hard to train in Miami with my friends “the mean boys” — who go out like Miami is NYC and a half — I still feel very much behind.

I am like an athlete who broke a knee and is back in this season after time off. Or a celebrity just out of rehab who starts drinking again. So, truthfully, it happened that I was so tired that I had to take a day off from the shows and the partying — ah, the horror, the horror — and stay in bed all day. Alone. I got up purely because I was starving, both for food and some company, and I ended up at Bobo, New York’s chicest new eatery du jour, the same place were Adam Lippes held his fashion dinner. I was there withKipton Cronkite, a pre-eminent banker (and relative of Walter) and Addison O’Dea, and while feasting on the delicious, albeit small, portions of food, I was taken aback by a radiant Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick taking the seat opposite from me. Looking beautiful even after her grueling Sex and the City shoot, it was testament to her status as a true star. Katrina Pavlos came by to say hello towards the end of our dinner and I am so excited to attend her next Grand Classics screening at SoHo House!

The next day I woke up much fresher and in a better shape and full force ready for Sean John’s party. Or at least I thought it was a party. In reality it was a fashion show, and when I arrived a standard 45 minutes late, ready for my fabulous cameo, I found out that security shut down the door. The fashion show started promptly at 6 p.m., both because it was a Paul Wilmott event, and they work like a Swiss clock, and because of Diddy’s punctuality, which I should have known about, since even the Daily News ran an item about it. But I read it the next day and the only reason why I read it to begin with it was because they ran an item about me right after. What can I say… like you are surprised!

After my stinky stint at Sean John, I made my way to the Gansevoort, where I was meeting some of my friends from my college days for dinner, but I did not check my messages and did not know that plans were canceled so I ended up walking into the restaurant alone, asking for a reservation that did not exist. Luckily, two other friends, Gustaf Demarchelier and Sebastien Gobi, showed up, and the three of us stuck together in misery. While deciding what to do and where to go, I ran into David Rabin, the mastermind behind legendary spots like Lotus, Double Seven, and a new location in both NY and L.A.

As always, he proved to be the solution to our nightlife dilemma as he invited us to his new place: Los Dados. Wow! I love Mexican food as it is, but the menu there was amazing, the bar scene was young and very hip, and I ran into a lot of faces that I had not seen in the longest time who haven’t aged a bit. We had the best time, partially thanks to my strict diet of Patron on the rocks with lemon and ceviche de camarones, that assures a long lasting buzz and allows you to behave stupidly for hours. So I had an evening with David and Gustaf again, after many, many years, nine actually. I was in New York, after moving back from Pepperdine, and I had dinner with goose and two models fresh from a photo shoot with his dad, and went to Rhone and Lotus, and kept going there for countless nights after. Beatrice Inn tonight anyone????

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