Fashion Week Guest Blogger Fabian Basabe Returns — But First He Has to Recover in Quito…

I am writing you from my home nested on the remote mountains of Quito – Ecuador, that is – where I have been spending some dad-and-me quality time for the past few days. Quito is beautiful and a destination I strongly suggest to any of you belonging to the quickly disappearing breed of tourists. On my part, I am just recharging and recovering and reconnecting to reality after a really raunchy week and long rampage in Miami. And here is another R-word for you: RAIN! I mean, next time that you hear the expression it can’t rain forever, please remember that in Miami yes it can! but who cares, I went out anyway. Everything started on my flight,when I realized that the gentleman sitting in front of me was Jon Voight, Angelina’s dad, which generated an instant fascination on my part and I decided I should have a drink to his capacity of producing flawless spawn. when i got to Miami, I surprisingly found many and many friends who agreed with me and also wanted to toast to Jon Voight. So basically, I was drunk for seven days in honor of Angelina and I really can’t think of any better reason!
Best of the week: – dinner at Quattro, a very good Italian restaurant on Lincoln road, with my whole Miami posse, highly entertaining people who live in the hot weather all year round and as a consequence are completely cooked and can’t really construct a logical sentence. I love it! – drinks at Club Deuce, a dive bar whose location I can never remember because of a mysterious yet recurrent confusion that attacks me more or less by the end of my first bottle of patron. it is very unfortunate because I’d like to go back, I mean the place is great, in the best dive bar tradition, it is dirty, it smells bad, people there are weird looking and scary and the bartenders are mean mean bitches. most popular drink there? Jack Daniel’s of course, the slut of all whiskeys. and Budweiser. I love it! – Club Set, which allows in only kids UNDER 21,or at least that was my impression, when I found myself surrounded by fresh innocent faces begging, begging, begging to have a good time. I REALLY love it!
Worst of the week: – Halo, where the policy is: if you are in here than you are a VIP. wrong! what the f*ck. liers! it is like saying that everyone is pretty. plus, if everyone is a VIP than everyone is treated the same which completely defeats the purpose, I learned that in my quantum physics class. …yes I did! …okay I never took quantum physics. …but my sister did and she told me! I hate it! – I lost my car. literally, I lost my car. I could not remember where my car was or where I parked it and all because my friend Jochi, who obviously never took quantum physics either, told me that if I parked it in an outdoor lot on Lincoln road instead of valet it would have been so much easier. no it wasn’t! I spent half hour in a taxi end of the night trying to find it. I hate it! okay, that’s it for now. Next blog… Fashion week! Can’t wait to be back on NYC, I miss you guys! see you soon.

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