Mr. President

Dear President Obama,

My name is Fabian Basabe. I’m a thirty-year old man, married and expecting my first child. I recently opened my own restaurant in South Florida called Da Vittorio. By starting a classic concept Italian eatery, which was an enormous investment for me, I now provide jobs for many grateful hardworking Americans. Therefore, in this severely wounded economy of ours, I would expect more from the leader of the world’s most free and powerful nation than a never-ending stream of negative assessments from you and your administration that do nothing more than discourage the general population from spending money.

After witnessing your televised speech Monday evening, I cannot shake the uneasiness I feel from comments such as “this is the greatest depression we have ever faced”. Thank you. While I’m sure the public is aware that times are not easy, what they truly do NOT need is to be continually reminded of this. Mr. President, what we need from you is inspiration, not prophecies of doom. Because of such bleak attitudes as yours, people are afraid to spend money and businesses are failing because of it. You should be encouraging Americans to plug back into their lives, to NOT be afraid of investing and believing in a nation that won’t let them down. With all due respect for your elected position, you are like the slow car in the fastlane, creating hazardous traffic for the rest of us. People need a push to start living again and supporting their communities by investing, providing jobs, spending money and helping to move our economy.

Allow me to propose something: Let the U.S. Government help its citizens by ordering states to enforce a one week tax exemption; no taxes on anything consumers buy! This will incite people to consume. Stores will sell out of products and be forced to restock. Manufactures will resume mass production and so on. The country needs a jump start! Stop preaching. Stop explaining your mistakes. Stop trying to be so approachable. You are the President of the United States! So put your jacket on, take my advice and get to work! Or would you prefer to come to Miami and personally explain to my employees why they are out of a job? Explain to them why they won’t have money to pay rent and feed their families? Saddest of all, they would probably not be finding new jobs any time soon as they are in line behind millions of Americans already out of work!

Mr. President, the biggest issue we face as consumers is the housing problem, yet your stimulus plan does nothing to solve it. The federal government should purchase all outstanding mortgages on foreclosures, then re-sell them to banks healthy enough to afford them. This way the banks, in turn, can provide loans for new home buyers.

As things are now, you are basically imitating President Roosevelt who once paid workers to dig ditches, then paid other workers to refill them. While this does create economic movement, it does not create stability. The result instead is inflation and continued unemployment.

The White House Social Secretary has my address and phone number if you need to reach me. Good Luck, Sir.

–Fabian Basabe

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