PAPERMAG: The Life and Times of Fabian Basabe: “WOW! I Do Some Really Stupid Shit!”

Fashion Week is long gone, and while I was initially approached to guest blog for the week, the fine PAPER people have asked me to continue blogging… so here goes!

I’ll start with a little about me and what I am up to this fall…

So I recently signed with a talent agency in New York, Don Buchwald and Associates. I had to put together a reel and a press book, and while I’ve had people to organize me in the past, at the end of the day if you want to get something done you must ultimately do it yourself. So I began… I went online and skimmed through articles and press mentions about me…. WOW! I do some really stupid shit! And I thought no one was looking — ha!

You learn a lot about yourself when you actually pay attention! Well, it is not all bad… there are some nice features from very respectable (and fair) writers, front-page stories, magazine covers and, well, a whole lot of fan messages. But then there is the stuff that stays.

Yesterday I was pictured alongside Paris HiltonBrandon Davis and Lindsay Lohan in the Post and compared to a “perpetually coked-out, poker playing party boy who is mad, bad and dangerous to know” character on that new ABC show Dirty Sexy Money. WTF! I mean, okay I get it… I have a bad rap, and that’s the stuff that sells. Do people really want to hear about me laying out on my terrace all day or watching movies? I certainly wouldn’t. But a Thanksgiving DUI? People love to hate and for those who only know me from what they read, I can’t say I don’t understand the reaction.

I have been quoted saying ridiculous things like “if you don’t have to work why would you?” and “hot people have sex, that’s what we do,” and thank you, but I do not need a reminder of all the other things I have said. Umm, it’s called a sense of humor?

But the truth is… I want to work. I got a call the other day from Howard Stern‘s people, to do a pre-interview while they consider having me on the show. The man asked me a series of ludicrous questions about my life, relationships and my past, which I delivered in truth. Then he asked me why would I want to be on the show, what did I have to promote… I had no answer. But then I thought about it… ME! I have to promote me! It is not that I do not want to work, it is that I can’t get a job! People think I don’t need it or I would not take it seriously. That simply is not true! For the last year I have been working hard to clean up my act. I paid a high profile PR man $10,000 per month to keep me out of the press, unless it was positive. I got an agent to market me and I have some projects in the works. But I have a windstorm of negative press and misrepresentations that make it difficult to get things going. Even if I call in favors or throw money at the problem.

So while I love New York, I have been and am planning to spend a lot more time in L.A. taking media training classes, going on go-sees, and taking meetings. I am determined to get a gig. While I have contemplated joining the Church of Scientology and sleeping with Tom Cruise to launch a fast track career, I have decided to pay my dues. I think people underestimate how difficult it is to actually launch a career in television. There are no shortcuts — believe me, the old me would have taken them. Now, I have buckled down and dedicating my time to people that care about me, good people who will work with me and getting a job on air.

I will keep you posted on this journey, along with interesting characters I meet between NY and L.A., and all the trials I am yet to experience. And, for fun, maybe a list of dos and don’ts to guide those considering the entertainment industry.

Oh and check out my web page I may as well come out with it before Gawker and Jossip have their way with me! And since I am including LA… let’s not forget our dear Perez.

Stay tuned!  -FABIAN BASABE

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