The Life and Times of Fabian Basabe: “I Will Never Be the Man to Turn Down a Password Party!”

Hello PAPER Readers! Sorry for the long silence… or should I say, you are welcome for the long silence? Here is your favorite… how do you say it again… Oh yes, Douche Bag, with more from Los Angeles, to which I am fast becoming addicted. Now, I don’t want to kill the healthy competition between East Coasters and West Coasters, and sure, the fashion, parties, power and money are greater in New York, but I am sorry, you cannot compare the lifestyle. When in New York City, people are struggling with the incoming cold weather, meetings, sirens and crowds, while everything is so pretty out here in LA! People are genuinely happier and I mean… why not? Everyone is good looking! And on my part, today I had a killer meeting about a new show concept, ate lunch outside, and came home to sit in my jacuzzi for 45 minutes and now I am watching TV while trying to focus. Not bad right? Work AND play! And did I mention everyone is good looking in LA?

So let’s re-cap the last few weeks’ activities…

First of all, happy belated Halloween! This year I had two parties, two nights in a row, but I could not resist, and dressed as that asshole from Filthy Rich Cattle Drive both times. With great success, I might add. Everyone complimented my gear and a few people genuinely told me that I looked like Fabian Basabe, to whom I politely replied thank you, because YES, I did take it as a compliment.

The eve of Halloween I went to a friend’s house in Malibu, where I found out that if there is a lesson to be learned from the movie Mean Girls it is this: Halloween is the time of the year when girls have an excuse to dress like sluts. I mean… the slutty bunny, the slutty Dorothy, the slutty indian, the slutty pirate, the slutty punk vampire… and a girl who just decided to cut the bull and just wear underwear and a bra. At least she didn’t pretend, you you know what I mean? After a couple of hundreds of drinks, our generous and mightily organized host jammed all of us guests into minivans and shipped us to the Malibu Inn, a shaggy bar on the ocean, where I spent many many nights during my college years, along with my Pepperdine friends and the whole cast of Baywatch… It was the ‘90s, you know?

Anyway, things haven’t changed and the place was packed with college kids who
really know how to party — they just started, are new to it, fresh
and never tired, and have absolutely no intention to stop. It was GREAT!

The next night, I started off at the Chateau Marmont, trying to be civil, a little tired from the night before, but then I ran into a friend of mine who invited me to a party up on the Hills. The directions came a password and… I will never be the man to turn down a password party! The password was not Fidelio, to my disappointment, but the party was equally awesome, and turned out it was held in Houdini’s house, and I mean, what better place to spend Halloween but the most magical magician’s own place. (Well, no offense Harry Potter).

And when I thought that I could take a well deserved brake… the PAPER People hit town, with a series of fortunate events that they have already accurately reported on this website, but let me tell you one more time… they were great!!! My personal favorite was the “Thriller” dance class and contest, which is a party idea only PAPER could come up with. And another thing… Mr. Mickey, you are the best!

This past week was hardly worth mentioning at all, save for the Rock
The Vote party hosted by Christina Aguilera at Kitson
. It was fun, I walked down my very first red carpet in Los Angeles, and had a drink outside, in a T-shirt, in November. In addition, it was all for a great cause. And with these last words, I say goodbye, and until next time: VOTE!!!!

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