What Happens at The Abby Stays at the Abby!

I guess not only what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… When in LA, what happens at The Abby stays at The Abby!!! For those of you who live on Mars, The Abby is the most popular gay bar in, apparently, the world, and I have been there a few times, generating by the way, my usual and very unoriginal snarky mention on Jossip and Gawker — like it or they matter. It’s a fun bar with a mixed crowd, a lot of industry folks, and sometimes it smells kinda funny, but it is always jam packed with very entertaining people.

That other night, I was not planning to go out at all, I swear. I was planning to have a bite at home and catch up on my TiVO and go to sleep before 4 a.m. when my cell vibrated and Traver Raines, of Heatherette, my favorite fashion spectacular of Fashion Week, convinced me that staying home when one can go out with friends is a crime against humanity. between you and me, I would have gone out for a lot less, but anyway, I dropped the remote and met him and his posse.

When I got there, I noticed with disappointment that it was not that busy of a night, hence not so much fun — but I was wrong. GIVE IT UP FOR WILLIAM BALDWIN ladies and gentlemen, and his personal crew of transvestites, including the one he sleeps with on Dirty Sexy MoneyCandis Cayne. Have you seen the show? I am not really a fan of it, especially because Donald Sutherland is in it and when he talks his mouth is always full of saliva and it coats his teeth and really is a little bit disgusting. I guess that’s the dirty of the title? surely not the sexy. Anyway, it was fun, and I was really impressed by this short guy who was dancing like a very competitive competitor on Dancing With the Stars.

A couple of nights later, after starting at the very cool Glamour party at a beautiful home on the Hills, I went to a party that Kevin Iwashina, my former agent at CAA was hosting. when i got there, I realized that it was a democratic fundraiser and I did not want to participate because I am a Republican and I felt like a traitor. To add to my discomfort, my friends from Current TV, Max and Jason, really wanted to take pictures and I did not want to let them down
and feel twice the traitor, so I convinced Brittny Gastineau, who is a Republican as well, to take pictures with me, while holding a sign I made that read “I VOTE MCCAIN.” Max and jason were happy, we took the photos and I strongly supported my party. I could have not been happier with myself! Anyway, Obama… McCain… regardless what your preference is, please vote. See you next time!

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